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Dragon Boat (DB)

10 mens DB girls team in boat during competition.
Temasek Regatta Race

I joined Dragon Boat during my years in Yuan Ching Secondary School. At that point of time I chose this as my CCA because I wanted to get stronger. I really had fun in DB, especially the competitions.

The picture on the right is taken during one of the competitions we went. We went to Temasek Regatta, and National Singapore Water Festival. I won trophies and medals for some of the competitions.

When I think back now, I really missed our coaches and the time spend during DB training with my teammates. );

Korean Dance Wave (KDW)

Dancing on stage during Emblazon performance
Emblazon Performance

I remember the first time I got interested and started dancing, is when I watched my group of friends danced and learnt choreography during my Secondary School life. I became a part of them and performed for some events.

Subsequently during my Nitec years in ITE CW, I joined KDW as my CCA. Dancing can help me calm down, and forgot about other things. It's like creating a zone, enjoying the music with every parts of our body. Most of the time I would say "Dance out my feelings".

We are very fortunate and it is an honour to have 'O'schools instructors to teach us. The instructors and dancers are amazing! I performed with my KDW friends for events and some bigger event like Emblazon.

Taekwondo (TKD)

Group photo with TKD members after training
After TKD Training

Wanting to learn defence and some sparring skills, I joined TKD during my Highr Nitec days. Thanks to my previous training (DB&KDW), I can endure the trainings. My legs became even more stronger, and my reaction time improve a little. :D But... alot of blister on my foot, which is very pain.

Track & Field (Marathon)

Group photo with Marathon members after training
After Marathon Training

Currently, I joined Marathon as my CCA in Singapore Polytechnic.
~Thanks to my dear friend, Cynthia xD~
Although my stamina wasn't bad, I never thought I would joined Marathon as my CCA.

I accompany my friend to Marathon's trial. During the training we ran around the perimeter of the school, and did some physical trainings. Everything went smoothly.

However, at the end of the training when we were about to go for a cool down jogging, my leg suddenly got cramp! I was shocked! But well, It was because its been a long time I have ran a long distance, and I did not stretch enough myself. The cramps on my leg keep carry on, even when I stretch and relax. It was a terrible! However, with their help, my legs got better :D!

My friend persuaded me, and I went a few more trainings with her.

In the end, I decided to join~

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